Frequently Asked Questions


Why is there a draft?

The purpose of the draft system is to distribute the player talent and skill level amongst all the teams, and therefore have a well balanced league.

Do I have to tryout?

All players in the MINORS and MAJORS divisions will attend tryouts.

MACHINE PITCH players are automatically placed on teams without tryouts.

Do all players that tryout make a team?

Yes, the intent of SNLL is to provide baseball for all kids meeting the specific age requirements set forth by National Little League Baseball, Inc. However, in the Junior and Senior league, the number of players for each team may be limited. Therefore, excess players will be placed on a waiting list until such time a team is in need of another player or, there is enough players to make a new team.

Do I need to show proof of residence?

The National Little League, Inc. requires that residency shall be established and supported by THREE OR MORE of the following documents:

  • Parents driver’s license
  • Voter’s registration
  • School records
  • Welfare records
  • Federal, state and local records
  • Support payment records
  • Homeowner or tenant property insurance records
  • Utility bills

SNLL is more lenient in providing this information however, if a player is found falsifying records and/or providing inaccurate information, they will be subject to disciplinary action.

What are the age cut-offs for each group and birth date for league age?

Generally, the age groups per division are:

Machine Pitch 6-8 years old
Minors 9-10 years old
Majors 11-12 years old
Juniors 13-14 years old

It’s not uncommon for players to ‘play-up’ if their skill level is developed, but once a player reaches a certain cut-off they must play in their age range.

Here is a handy-dandy calculator to determine your player’s league age


Managers and Coaches

What is the difference between the Manager and Coach?

The Manager is the person in charge of the team. He/She is the direct contact between the team and the league. He/she is responsible for all actions and conduct of the team, its players, coaches, and fans.

How do I become a Coach or Manager of a team?

Contact the President of SNLL about the division in which you would like to coach and they will place you on the Coaching list. All coaches and managers are voted and approved by the board.

Please see the RULES and PROCEDURES tabs of this website for more information on Manager and Coach selections.


Who selects the Managers and Coaches?

The President of the league along with approval by the Board of Directors selects the Manager of a team prior to the start of the season. The Coach is recommended by the Manager of the team, then the coach must be approved by the same procedure as the Manager.

See the Procedures tab of this website for more information.


Are the hands considered part of the bat?

NO! This is a common misconception. However, if the player’s body (any part) is hit while in the strike zone or while swinging at the pitch, it is a strike, not an automatic base on balls.

For more information on rules please see the Rules tab and the Umpire Info tab



How do I become a member of SNLL?

All players, parents of players, managers, coaches, and volunteers are automatically members of SNLL. However, to become a “member in good standing” you must have attended a meeting within the preceding 12 months.

Why require that I attend a meeting within the preceding 12 months to be a “member in good standing”?

Some organizations require a fee to become a “member in good standing”, we realize that our members contribute their own money and time. Therefore, we only require that you attend a complete meeting to become a “member in good standing”.

How can I vote on league issues?

By becoming a member in good standing.