League Rules, Coach and Manager Rules

Selah Nation Little League Local Rules

  1. Visiting team has the field 30 minutes prior to game for infield warm-ups. The home team has the field 15 minutes prior to game for infield warm-ups. Teams are not required to take infield warm-up.
  2.  Batting line-ups will be established and submitted to the Head Umpire prior to game time. Each team will bat all players. Players arriving late to a game can be added to the bottom of the batting order, at manager’s discretion, until the last player on their official lineup has completed an at-bat.
  3.  A team must start a game with a minimum of 9 players but can finish a game with 8 players.
  4.  It is the responsibility of the manager to see that there is no harassment of the umpires by their coaches, players, parents or fans.
  5.  Horns and noisemakers are not allowed at the ballpark during games.
  6. Helmets are to be kept on while running the bases. An out will be called if the helmet is intentionally removed while running the bases.
  7. Slug Bunts: Once a pitcher has come to the Windup position, or the Set position, as defined in Rule 8.01 (a)-(b), a batter showing bunt cannot pull back and swing at the pitch. If a batter pulls back and takes a swing but does not make contact with the ball, play shall be called dead immediately, the batter shall receive a strike and both the batter and manager shall receive a warning. If same batter pulls back and takes a swing a second time during the same at bat, play shall be called dead immediately and the batter shall be called out. If a batter pulls back, takes a swing and makes contact with the ball, whether or not it goes fair, play shall be called dead immediately and the batter shall be declared out. In both of these situations, runners shall not advance.
  8.  All runners must slide OR attempt to avoid contact on any play at any base (See Rule 7.08-3). An “attempt to avoid” is interpreted as a course change from the runner’s original path to the base, or any movement which, in the umpire’s judgement, constitutes an attempt to avoid contact. A “play” is considered when the A) throw beats runner (example-is in the fielder’s mitt at the same time, or before the runner arrives), B) throw is catchable (example-can be in the dirt but not over the fielder’s head), and C) (play at home) throw is in the area commonly referred to as the batter’s boxes (example-is not “up” or “down” the base lines by more than the width of the batter’s boxes). Under these situations, the fielder, including the catcher, is “legal” in blocking the base. Without these situations, “blocking” is Obstruction. A collision between a runner and a fielder due to “offline” throws at any base is considered a “no call.”
  9.  If a batter or runner gets hurt while in the course of play and cannot continue they shall be replaced by the player that made the last out.
  10. At 1 hour and 50 minutes after the scheduled start time, the umpire shall announce, “Final Inning.” The game will end at the end of this final inning, except in cases governed by Rules 4.11-4.12. Minor Division: “Open Inning” is declared by the umpire to both teams at the “top” of the “Final Inning.” “Open Inning” means that the 5-run per inning portion of Rule 5.07 is suspended. All other aspects of Rule 5.07 remain in force.
  11.  All players must be played in the field every other inning.

Coaches Rules 

  1. Managers/coaches must be approved by the Selah National Little League board. SNLL reserves the right to approve and disapprove team coaches.
  2. Home team managers are responsible for tracking the official pitch count for both teams, including first and last name. Pitch counts will be verified at the end of each inning. The home team manager must turn in the official pitch count for both teams to the head umpire at the end of each game. The pitch tracking can be delegated to coach, asst. coach, score keeper, or parent. The pitch counts for each pitcher will be displayed at the Umpire’s room.
  3. The only people allowed in the dugout during games are the rostered players, manager, and 2 coaches of record. A parent may supervise the players on the bench from a position outside the dugout in the event that only one coach is present. Children are NOT allowed in the dugouts.
  4. Home team is responsible for getting the field ready for play. Home team has the third base dugout. Visiting team is responsible for getting out the bases prior to taking infield, and putting them away when the game is over. Both teams are responsible for field clean up. Each team is to remove all garbage from dugouts and bleacher areas following each game.
  5. As contained in the official LL rule book, once the lineups are presented, the umpire crew is in control of the game. Managers and coaches can be ejected by the umpires. Ejection means leaving the confines of the playing field and spectator areas. Any manager or coach who is ejected from any ball game shall be ineligible to participate in the next physical game and is subject to review by the grievance committee.
  6. “Judgment” calls made by an umpire cannot be changed and, by rule, are not open to appeal (examples: out, safe, ball, strike etc.).
  7. Players, managers and coaches must stay in the confines of the playing field during their games. Concessions are off limits during your ball game.
  8. Dress code: Managers/coaches are to wear shirts at all league games and functions. They cannot wear the complete team uniform; they may wear hats and jerseys only.
  9. The managers of both teams must submit game results with highlights, whether you win, lose, or tie. It should be turned in immediately after the game.
  10. Official team rosters and team sponsor fees must be turned in to league officials at the gear pick-up dates as determined. Minor Sponsor fee: $250.00 per team, Major Sponsor Fee: $250.00 per team. Machine Pitch fee: $100.00 per team.
  11. Managers/coaches are responsible for the safety of their players. Make sure all equipment is in proper working order. If any piece of equipment is below standards, make sure players do not continue to use this piece of equipment and league officials should be notified of needed equipment.
  12. Managers/coaches will not permit players to climb or sit on the fences for obvious safety reasons.
  13. Absolutely no swearing or abusive language will be used by the managers, coaches, umpires or players. Coaches and Umpires will work together to insure that parents and fans do not use this type of language.
  14. Any manager or coach reporting for a game or practice who has been drinking will automatically be suspended for the season, subject to grievance committee and board decision.
  15. Uniforms and equipment are to be collected by the managers and coaches after your last game and turned in at your assigned date.
  16. The league would like all teams to be represented at the opening ceremonies. Managers and coaches please plan accordingly.
  17. Managers/coaches: Every team is expected to participate in all fundraisers. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Manager and Coach Agreement

I will make a commitment to the following:

  1. Attend league meetings – You must know what is going on in order to be effective. Your input, vote, and ideas are needed.
  2. Participate in league functions, such as, opening day activities, field maintenance, promotions, picture day, clinics and fundraisers.
  3. Spend time necessary with your team at practices and games. Practice recommendations are 2 days per week and games are 2 days per week. In the case of rain outs, tied or suspended games, be willing to make these games up or continue them as required, on the day and time assigned by the league.
  4. Complete all administrative requirements of the team, such as, correctly filling out team rosters, and line up sheets with highlights after each game.
  5. Be responsible for proper safeguarding and use of all league equipment, facilities, and uniforms at the end of the season.
  6. Maintain and set a positive example for your players and parents, regarding fair play, sportsmanship, team play and respect for the opponent and umpires.
  7. Learn and abide by the National Little League Rules and regulations, as well as, our local Little League Rules.
  8. Understand that public use of abusive or obscene language, use of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs is not acceptable around the young people you are coaching while representing Selah National Little League (games, practices or league functions). Tobacco is to be restricted to non-playing areas only.
  9. Managers/coaches are responsible for finding a sponsor for their respective teams. Sponsorships are critical in providing funding for league operations. The league cannot operate without sponsorships.
  10. Managers/coaches authorize SNLL to conduct a background and criminal history check through the Washington State Patrol.
  11. All managers are responsible to turn in all gear within 30 days after their last game of the season. Should this not happen, the league will take legal action of their choice to obtain the gear.