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Selah National Little League

About Our Club

We are dedicated to provide the youth of Selah the opportunity to play baseball. We are a community of volunteers, family members, umpires, sponsors, supporters and the City of Selah all working together for our players. Our goal is to create opportunities for all skill levels to have a LOT of fun, make new friends, and experience personal and team successes.


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Apr 10,2023

Games Cancelled

Games are cancelled tonight. 4/10/2023

Mar 01,2023

Minors & Majors evaluations

CHANGE! Mark your calendars for Minors and Majors Evaluations! March 14th for Minors and March 16th for Majors.

Feb 01,2023

Dick's Sporting Goods Discount Days

Coming soon are the 2023 Dick's Sporting Goods discounts days. March 24-27 During these days you save 20% off your purchase.

Field Status

Closed Closed

Graf (08:11 PM | 02/01/22)

Closed Closed

Field 3 (08:11 PM | 02/01/22)

Closed Closed

Monson (08:11 PM | 02/01/22)

Closed Closed

Field 4 (08:11 PM | 02/01/22)

Closed Closed

Huibregtse (08:11 PM | 02/01/22)

Closed Closed

Field 1 (08:11 PM | 02/01/22)

Closed Closed

Peck Field (08:11 PM | 02/01/22)

Closed Closed

Field 2 (08:11 PM | 02/01/22)

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